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Rio Gay Guide

a little about our website, and usyou don't want the whole story- we've been around since 1996!

We know the LGBT traveler has special needs
We may have been the first LGBT website dedicated to Rio!

And we care. We joined IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) in 1997. We only suggest gay-friendly venues on any of our websites and pages.

We are locals, born and raised in Ipanema. We have been online since 1996, a world reference. And now we are easier to follow than ever. Our channels on YouTube, pages on Facebook and Twitter are all yours!

You have so many photos and videos...
Yes we do. We are always there, I mean, here

And we have been doing this since before digital camera became popular... Our archives date back to even earlier, we have material in super-8 that is beyond vintage. And a large cache of old photos of Rio.

Can I Share or Keep your Photos?
We have a detailed copyrights page with questions and answers

But the basic answer is a partial yes, if can use it for non-commercial private purposes. Such a school work or even a presentation at your job. If you are going to share the images online or through any other media, keep in mind that you may not remove the logo. If you like our material be fair and let others know where it came from.

Do you have high-resolution photos to send us?
You mean you would like to buy some photos from us?

High-resolution versions of photos are available. We have photos in museums in the US and the UK, and we share images with countless international publications. If you need a lot of photos we can work out special bulk rates. For the exclusive copyrights to a particular photo, please

What About your videos?
You didn't think we would quit with still images, did you?

We use our cameras and camcorders everywhere... Especially when we go to special events like Carnival, New Year's, Gay Pride or a trip to Búzios. Most of these videos are originally shot and edited by us.

We also recommend videos from third party sources, available at Youtube or other video websites. We are not responsible for the material or copyrights contained in these websites or pages.

You can invite us, not hire. There's a difference.

We often cover street events, open air shows, and sometimes we also do parties. We will to send one or more of us to capture images, videos, and we publish them. This is a free service that adds international credibility, and a priceless non-institutional view to your event.

Visit us on youtube, KEEP IN TOUCH!
We've had over half a million pageviews!

You can sign up, to receive updates when upload new material. We welcome comments to our videos on YouTube, and our later additions include videos with DJ Phil Romano, DJ Tony Moran, interviews at Banda de Ipanema. We publish very interesting material, promise!


Facebook pagey by www.ipanema.com
How can I find you on facebook?
We have a few pages you may like!

Our website has an official page on facebook www.riogayguide.com and it includes news about Rio and other destinations we love. At Laura de Vison Tribute is home to performers, drag queens, and fabulous people. Keep up to date with the party scene with Rio Night Life by www.ipanema.com with queer and gay-friendly parties and events. And www.ipanema.com is a great source of tips on culture, travel, and everything Rio.


About the Author...
Marcos S. Prado

The author of the website is a multilingual world traveler, with a degree in Tourism. Being the owner of a travel agency he had had the opportunity to visit wherever he wanted. He is the author of www.ipanema.com. He has also contributed to prestigious world publications. Some of his photos are displayed in international museums.

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