Rio Gay Guide

RIO DE JANEIRO IS a BIG citychoose the right place to stay - it's easy.

FIRST CHOICE: beach neighborhoods
We are partial about Ipanema, but there are choices

Ipanema and Leblon share the same beach and many features. They are easy to master on foot, there is a great selection of restaurants and shops are not only restricted to malls. Many townhouses have been renovated that way. Copcabana is bigger yet you also have a very convenient mix of restaurants, shops and clubs. Leme is next door. You get the feeling you are in the heart of the action.


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Historical neighborhoods and centro
You may find lower-priced deals in these areas

Humaitá, Botafogo, Urca, Flamengo, Glória, Catete, and Centro are traditional residential areas of Rio. The surroundings of Lapa, where there are a lot of nighclubs and bars is also an option. You will be a bit farther from the beach, yet rates may be lower. Prices vary according to the season.
An important factor to take into consideration is how close you are to the subway station. It will take you from these areas to the beach, regardless of traffic conditions.


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Santa Teresa is home to a luxury hotel, and a number of inns and new hostels that are affordable. Check how close they are to Lapa. This is a hilly neighborhood, and distances are longer when you walk you way up.


Barra da Tijuca
More options out West every day!

The beach of Barra is lovely. Great choice if you are coming for a convention at RioCentro, and you want to visit the giant malls. Barrashopping is a tourist attraction!

Barra and Recreio are not yet connected to the rest of the city by subway. You depend on ground transportation. A few better hotels offer a service to drop off guests on the South Side. These are all factors to take into consideration, unless you are staying for a longer period.

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Not going there!

Cariocas are very proud of their neighborhoods, regardless of where they live. As this website is made in Ipanema, we will only cover areas that we are familiar with. No prejudice.

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Lagoa and Botanical Gardens
These are two areas you must visit!

There aren't many lodging options but these areas are near the beaches. Please go. At the Botanical Gardens there are Imperial Palms that were planted by instructions of its founder, Dom João VI, over 200 years ago. There are toucans and monkeys on the trees, and the Jockey Club is a recommended extension of this lovely day.

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