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Gay Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
A spot to meet, and make friends with locals
You are in Rio. Now let's go to the beach!

The beaches in Rio are more than a place to go for a dip. This is where friends meet, where flyers to the best parties are distributed, and where you have a chance to see Cariocas in their speedos and bikinis.

Yes, men wear Speedos around here. They usually come with surfer's trunks to avoid the overexposure on the way to the beach. But once they find their friends and choose a place to stay, off with their trunks! The reason? To keep a sexy tan line, of course! By the way, the term Barbie is very passé, and some actually consider it offensive.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Sex on the beach? No, thanks!
Lewd behavior is a punishable offence

This may be a cool name for a cocktail, but if you are actually thinking about having sex on the beach in Rio, think again. Lewd behavior (atentado ao pudor) is a punishable offence. And contrary to what you may have read on generic gay guides to Rio, the so-called cruisy areas are well known to cops. Do not let that local hottie lure you into Arpoador Rocks or Park, either. Get yourself a room!

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Farme Gay Beach in Ipanema
Ipanema is our first and gayest destination

The most famous gay beach spot in Rio is a bit to the east of cross-street Farme de Amoedo. It is very easy to identify, as beach vendors keep rainbow flags as a tribute to their faithful clientele. In the summer this area can be extremely crowded, on Sundays it is even hard to walk your way to the sea. Here you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, have a soothing massage, sip a fresh coconut water or a caipirinha, and make friends with locals.


picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by ZiraldoCoqueirão is the other gay-friendly spot nearby is in front of Coqueirão, the tallest coconut tree near lifeguard station Posto 9. This is a mixed area, so you will not see as many gay and lesbian couples kissing or holding hands. Yet some local gay hotties prefer to go there. Gay Farme became so famous, that on summer weekends it is sort of touristy.

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picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Praia da Bolsa is fun, and more relaxed
Enjoy the action at Copacabana, too.

In Copacabana there's an area known as Bolsa, that is also popular with gay men - and the transgendered community. It is located right across from Hotel Copacabana Palace, the landmark structure building that dates back to the 20's. Trans girls in Rio seem to attract very hot men, and if you are a visitor you are welcome to enjoy the sight.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Praia da reserva, off-Barra
This is the preserved strip at Recreio dos Bandeirantes

There is a part of Barra da Tijuca Beach that is preserved, and named Reserva. This is not a nude beach, but some girls go topless without attracting curious glances. As Barra is a bit farther from where most visitors stay, you may want to make arrangements to be picked up by a trustworthy taxi when you feel you've had enough.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Praia do AbricÓ, off-Barra
Yes, there is a nude beach in Rio.

This is not an exclusively gay beach, and you will see everything from families to hotties. This beach can be reached through Grumari, a preserved beach off-Barra. If you go there you must take your clothes off, and if you start taking photos you will be kicked out. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Gay Beaches in Rio

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