Rio Gay Guide


Dinner is served around 9
Locals usuallly have dinner around 8 or 9 p.m.
Dinner is served late in Rio

If you eat early deal with it by making a healthy snack - should't we eat every three hours anyway? Pick your choice of restaurant or café, enjoy your meal, and around 10 or a bit later you will be ready to hit the bars. There are so many good restaurants in Rio... Do not to go to that same snack bar you have back home, to have the same old sandwich or chicken with fries. You will thank us later.

Farme de Moedo in Ipanema
The pink wave at rua Farme de Amoedo
It all started at the gay beach...

This cross-street in Ipanema is lined up with bars, cafés even juice stores. Things change all the time, but if you go today bar To Nem Aí should be crowded, there will be people at Beach Sucos, Devassa, Sindicato do Chopp... This is just a good place to start. there's plenty more.

Club Scene in Rio
Even on weekdays dance clubs run late in Rio
Be ready to hit the dance clubs never before midnight

Let's say it's Monday, usually the slow night of the week. You feel bored. Go to Le Boy - the place will be pumping on this mixed night with a drag show around 2:30 a.m. There are right clubs to go every night of the week in Rio. Big venues are home to special parties.

LGBTQ Party Scene in Rio
You need the help of a local with connections...

In all these years online we have made many friends in the LGBTQ party scene. In addition to some research, we are invited to the best parties and specials. We publish them every day. Check out the newsfeed on the right hand sde of our pages. It features our selection of the best picks!

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
circuit parties and specials galore
You have to come back often to keep up

We are not talking Carnival or New Year's when the line-up of parties with international DJ's is world-famous. On week or weekend nights, there are great parties happening all over the place. They may happen at erotic clubs turned disco, a photo studio in Botafogo, a lounge or restaurant in Ipanema. Some of them have expanded to huge spaces like the Circo Voador. Others are being exported to São Paulo...


Rio Night Life - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Our list of parties and events is updated
We mean on a daily basis! With e-flyers, the works

Some of our features are only available if you are logged into your facebook account. Our news feed is one of them. This is a link to the Guide to Night Life made in Ipanema We select the events based on the quality, number of friends attending, you will find everything from Samba to Label Parties. And here is a link to our News Feed...


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