WELCOME TO QUEER RIO DE JANEIROFresh info about LGBT Rio, directly from Ipanema!

Ipanema Beach seen from Arpoador

Rio Gay Guide
Enjoy our Carioca hospitality

Is it the sunny weather, the gorgeous people, the healthy lifestyle, the fierce clubs and parties, the bars, Carnival, the scenery, the beach, the baths?

We don't know, but the fact is that Rio has recently been selected the most popular gay destination in the world by a prestigious LGBT magazine. An estimated 1 out of every 4 foreign tourists coming to Rio are supposedly gay or lesbian.

As Carioca courtesy demands we would like to offer you cup of Brazilan coffee before we begin our journey. Or an ice-cold açai berry juice, with bit of guarana for that extra energy boost.

What's new in Rio lastest news, updates & events!

  • Fall in Rio de Janeiro

    Before the crazy summer season, New Year's and Carnaval Rio is on low season. A perfect time for you to come visit. Hotel rates lower, the party scene is happening, and there are more holidays than we can count!

  • Botanical Gardens of Rio
    where to stay in rio?

    We have just renovated our page with tips about how to choose an area in Rio. Our formula is not a secret. If you can afford, stay in the beach neighborhoods from Leblon to Leme. Consider the historical strip from Flamengo to Centro. If you're staying in Santa Teresa see how close you are to Lapa. We have lots of suggestions to share.

  • Rio Gay Pride
    RIO LGBT Pride PARADE 2015 in Copacabana

    What may be the world's most scenic Gay Pride Celebration will happen on NOVEMBER 15, 2015. Hotels usually charge regular rates. Enjoy our photos and videos of previous events,

  • New Year's Fireworks

    The holiday season will soon bagin in Rio. The fireworks festival in Copacabana is on December 31. Big parties start on December 27! Our legendary party planner is online soon. Hotels alredy have openings!

  • Pre-Carnival Festivities
    pre-carnival festivities in rio

    Carnaval in Rio started two weeks ahead, with the first parade of Banda de Ipanema. On the follwing Saturday there was Simpatia é Quase Amor, equally fabulous. Enjoy street festivities, parties, the beach, and all Rio has to offer. Post-Carnaval is also less pricey.

  • Pre-Carnival Festivities
    Carnaval 2016 Planner

    The renovated Sambodromo is a success. Unidos da Tijuca was the Champion in 2014. We covered Banda de Ipanema, Simpatia é Quase Amor, Bloco Volta Alice. Rio Lifestlyle Festival the gay night at RMC was a hit. Enjoy videos with Amannda, DJ Tony Moran and DJ Phil Romano!

  • Botanical Gardens of Rio

    We have our favorite travel destinations around the world, and we love to share. We are starting with Amsterdam, the smallest big city in the world. Konigsdag, their most important celebration, is on April 26! Amsterdam, Nethernalds

  • Daily Party Planner
    Our night life planner is updated daily!

    Our latest feature will never fail to amaze you. We update daily our website with suggestions of the best hand-picked events. Log into your Facebook profile to gain access to all e-flyers. As we are in Rio you will find a little samba, live music shows, parties of all sizes and concepts, the most happening venues and attractions,

  • Facebook pagey by www.ipanema.com
    Like www.ipanema.com on Facebook

    We have just launched our page on Facebook! Instead of offering a replica of our website, we are creating new content, posting original collections of fresh photos...
    If you are looking for a Rio cover photo for your FB page, download one of our FB ready images for free, If you are already logged on to Facebook, just click and like! Like us with your profile or professional page. Keep connected! It is good for both of us.

  • Buzios Archipelago
    Buzios is for lovers

    If you love nature, heavenly beaches, snorkeling, excellent restaurants, cool boutiques, and beautiful people, visit Rio's favorite weekend getaway. There are hotels and inns in all price ranges.

  • Gay Beaches
    All About Gay Beaches in Rio

    Other than Farme Gay in Ipanema there are other spots for you to enjoy. Learn how to blend in, make friends. And forget that old swimsuit back home. Rio is the world's beach fashion capital for sure.

  • Guide to Laundry
    a fashion victim's guide to laundry

    Rio has a very high humidity, especially near the beaches. Keeping your clothing laundry-fresh is a challenge when you have more than you can actually wear. The shoes fit? Msybe our tips will help.

  • Celebrating the World Cup in the Streets

    When the campaign showing Brazil as a dangerous destination began I was skeptical, yet not surprised. On the second or third day Yahoo! Sports published a note saying that #Brazil2014 and #BestWorldCupEver were top trending topics in all medias. Impressions from a local who enjoyed first hand this fascinating competition! Amsterdam, Nethernalds

  • The Queer World Seen from Ipanema
    The queer world seen from Ipanema

    We are not alone in the uninverse, quite on the contrary. Rio is one of the most desirable cities for a DJ to play. Yet Brazilians also travel. Worldwide - and there's an interest in the culture and party scene in Antwerp or Amsterdam. NYC, Barcelona, South Beach or Berlin. Enjoy the trip!