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ipanema is the first choiceWhy so many gay men and women want to stay here

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
To begin with, there's Ipanema Beach.
Ipanema is small enough to master on foot.

Just to refresh your memory, this is where the gay beach is. There are excellent restaurants, cafés, boutiques, small neighborhood shoppings with specialty stores.

On you first day you learn your way around. Streets are laid out in a grid and the beach tells you which direction.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo

And then there are the gay bars, gay nightclubs, parties, baths, everything within easy reach from you if you live here. Even the historical strip from Botafogo to Downtown are near with the new subway station at Praça General Osório.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo

There are hotels in all price ranges. As options are fewer, rates tend to be a bit more expensive than in Copacabana, You are closer to Leblon, also great to explore on foot.

Let us show you some photos and tell a few more details. is the full photo essay.

has a complete listing of attractions.

Sil Ipanema
About hotels in Ipanema
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All hotels in Ipanema are in a walking distance from the beach. This means less than 5 minutes on foot. Ipanema is a narrow strip of land between the beach and the lake. You will find everything from small family-owned and run hotels, to luxury 5-stars which have had guests such as Madonna.

Price-wise, don't expect big bargains. There is a complete list of prices that comes with each hotel, but we couldn't find anything under US$100 a night (what we consider economy). We listed a few favorites in the box, to meke it easier.

Here are some favorite hotels in Ipanema & Leblon

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