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A Single man's guide to laundrykeeping clothes fresh is part of fashion victim's job description

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Be realistic, some items do not deserve to be kept

You obviously have much more clothing than you need, and certainly more than you can possibly wear. So let's start with the obvious. Some of the stuff you have you don't even want to keep anymore. I am not talking about your favorite college T-shirt, or anything that radical. Just make a pile of things that you may have outgrown, or overgrown.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo

Donate articles to friends or charity, the Salvation Army. Discard anything in pitiful condition. Be merciless with old socks and underwear. Always.

measuring tape

If you keep changing weight, go to a nutritionist, join a gym, start walking - do something. You have to choose what size you are, and professionals are here to help. I am saying this merely from a smart shopper’s point of view.

tumble dryer
Get Fresh with a TUMBLE DRyER
This should be part of your routine

Your clothing turnover may leave to be desired. Putting in plain English, the items at the bottom of the pile get worn less often. This means that they may get shopworn, stained or collect dust on folds. Try a very soft clothes brush. And then off to the tumble dryer with like colors!

fabric softener

Yes, I noticed that the clothing is dry to begin with. The idea here is to refresh them. Set the timer to 30 minutes or so. Add a leaf of unscented softener to use a little trick that is not in the books. Spray it with a favorite citric or fresh eau de cologne - eau de parfum may be too strong.

dust mite

We are doing a number of things with this simple procedure. Getting rid of dust, lint and mite. Adding just a hint of scent, and sorting clothes randomly . Fold them while still hot off the dryer, again inspecting for stains or holes.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Sort and store in a sensible way

Folding male underwear into neat piles is an art. Fold three times along the waist, keeping the fly in front. Fold back the lower seam. This keeps the comfort pouch crease-free. The method works for briefs and boxers alike.

striped socks by Paul Smith

When it comes to socks, there is only one way to go. One must be stuffed into the other - as soon as they leave the dryer. It is a fact of life that washers and dryers eat socks, but drawers do, too! If you do not pair them right away, they do not stand a chance. Never roll your socks into a ball, you will damage them permanently. You can fold a longer socks, but only if its pair is neatly tucked inside.

Calvin Klein briefs

If you are the kind of person who stocks up on undies when you travel, or when Diesel goes on sale, welcome to the club. Unless you intend to wear them right away, invest on those vacuum-sealed plastic bags. They will keep your back stock from getting shopworn. Black underwear sometimes sheds lint when you break them in. The tumble drier treatment may help reduce the problem.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
Next: doing your own laundry!
Remember the basics, and go beyond

You already know that reds always have to be washed separately from experience. Did you get rid of the pink batch, or tried to pretend they were always like that? OK, that is a super basic rule, but there are others. How do you wash sneakers properly? And black clothes? More soon!

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