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LGBT Pride in Rio de Janeiro

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
The most scenic Pride Event in the world?
An oceanfront scenery opens for you

It may well be. Rio de Janeiro Pride happens at Copacabana Beach, right on the beach lane. You cannot really compete with this pretty horse-shoe shaped beach that is one of Rio's favorite postcards day or night.

Over one million people participate in the event.
You are welcome to join us!

The concentration starts around 12 noon at Copacabana's Posto 6, on the south side of the beach, near Ipanema. If you arrive early explore Forte de Copacabana, a historical structure complete with canions, a museum, and a view to both Copacabana and Arpoador Beaches. There's a cafe in the Forte - you can have your breakfast right there, enjoying the view.The parade ends as it reaches cross-street Av. Princesa Isabel, around 8 p.m.

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picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
How the parade operates: what to do and see
A celebration of diversity

There are floats in parade from many dance clubs, usually populated by a colorful mix of drag queens, go-go boys and girls, and other party people. But the main attraction is on street level. The revelers include everyone from Rio de Janeiro's society. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered and, of course, their friends and families.

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo

The massive number of people who attend is a sign of how gay-friendly the city is. Considering there are about 6 million people in Rio, a conservative estimate is that 1 out of every 6 Cariocas attend. Add to that all visitors from other states and abroad, and you have the right recipe for a great party.

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picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
the parade in 2013 happens in july
Keep a link to this page as dates change every year

The date of the parade is set by Grupo Arco-Íris, a non-profit organization that is all advocates human rights for the LGBT community. We called their office, and the Parade is confirmed on July, but the day has not been set yet. Parties happen non-slop before and after Pride. Brazilians from all parts of the country, and international visitors add color to the local scene!

picking out the right clothes - Cartoon by Ziraldo
We have a huge photo album to share with you.
Do you have any pictures to show us?

Our original photos by Silviano are a courtesy of our parent website, We have been documenting the event for quite a while now. We also have a couple of videos to share with you. or

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